Coordinate Converter Plus Maps And Navigation

Coordinate converter for Android. Supported coordinate reference systems: lat/lon, decimal degrees, ddm, dms, utm (wgs84/arc1950), mgrs-utm. Read More

Elevation Maps And Navigation

Calculates the reference geoid of a location using its latitude and longitude. Coordinates can be acquired from the device's GPS or entered manually. Read More

iText Utilities

Fun app to create inverted text and share with friends and family via social media apps. Also use it to read inveterd text. Read More

Maize Farm Utilities

Calculates the minimum size of land needed for a family to farm maize crop for consumption for a year. Read More

Share Apk Utilities

Use this app for creating backup copies of your favourite apps. It can also be used to share apps using bluetooth, wifi or other apps. Read More

Status Saver Utilities

Status saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Save, share or archive your favourite status pictures and video clips from WhatsaApp. Read More

Wifi Passwords Utilities

Retrieves saved names and passwords for your wifi access points. This app requires root access. Read More

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